Thank you from your winner – Mohamed!

Wow!.. I am still overwhelmed and happy. This was truly an unforgettable experience and sharing it with the students made it worth while.

The event ended and I am still checking my schedule to see If I can make a room for our chats. 😀 Thanks to everyone who voted for me, I am really honoured and proud. Winning this got me really motivated to participate more and left me in an upbeat state. Thanks; you guys ROCK!

The moderators did a very good job too in keeping us calm and everything :). To the engineers Victoria, Chris, Alex and Rik… it was really a pleasure getting to know each one them and participating with them in such an event.

As I said to many of the students during the event I believe that engineers are the driving force behind the innovations that shape our lives, and we need more engineers, and more kinds of engineers, to address the challenges facing the 21st century.

I hope you all found the event inspiring and you enjoyed it. I wish you all a very successful and happy future be it in engineering or anything else that you like and passionate about.

Good luck!

A very happy engineer,


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